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Whether your roof has been damaged, deteriorated over time, or you're just looking to add value to your home, Metrotile may be your perfect option. For a lot of people the re-roof process can be daunting and they are uncertain where to start, but with Metrotile the process is quicker and easier than people expect. Metrotile can help you ensure that your roof looks great and compliments the environment of your home’s location. More importantly it can ensure you won’t need to replace it again - backed with our 40 year limited lifetime transferable warranty.


Made from highly regarded pure steel and natural stones carefully selected by our experts, our ISO9001 and ISO14001 manufacturing facility, upholds the highest standards from product sourcing, through manufacturing to delivery of materials and beyond.

The steel is coated with aluminium-zinc, combining the corrosion protection of aluminium with the sacrificial protection of zinc to create an alloy that's ideal for roofing and with a service life that can far exceed galvanised products and even some other roofing materials.

Our tiles are painted/coated once they have been pressed and formed. This ensures that the paint doesn't fracture or crack during the forming process. Our tiles go through an extensive Quality Assurance process and our coating technology makes for the extremely long service life.

Warranty and Global reputation


Lifetime of 40 year transferable warranty  

So you have peace of mind that your home is protected and because the warranty is transferable you can pass it on if you ever sell the house adding to the resale value. Furthermore, your Metrotile roof prides itself in a global reputation of long-lasting safety and beauty.

No wonder, that Metrotile roofs are installed in more than 80 countries around the world.

From the extreme winters of Russia, through the hurricanes in the USA and earthquakes of New Zealand, to the intense heat of Africa, Metrotile has proven itself over the world. We believe it can cope with the weather wherever you live.

Environmental Benefits


    We take the environmental responsibilities seriously and focus on our operation activities to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in the building industry. Metrotile Panels are made from the most recycled building material in the world, steel. Steel is infinitely recyclable so unlike other roofing products it will continue to be reused over and over again. Making a Metrotile roof one of the most sustainable roofing options available.


    Do you know what a “cool roof” is? Metrotile roofs are known as “cool roofs”. This means that by reducing the need for air-conditioning they save you money on energy bills. Metrotile roofing products are designed to be elevated from the roof deck which creates a natural air flow referred to as “Above Sheathing Ventilation”(ASV). This ventilation prevents heat gain in summer. In addition to proper attic insulation, this can help lower electric costs associated with cooling. The combination between our steel panels and ASV have seen customers achieve 30% reductions in energy bills in summer for cooling.


    We recognise the importance of our planet (well, we have only one, don’t we?). That is the reason we firmly believe in our corrosion-resistant steel as raw material of our roof tiles, which is an infinitely recyclable resource. It is good for you, good for the planet and good for future generations.

Is the cost or removing your existing roof too expensive?

Often the cost of removing an existing roof is significant, especially if that roof contains asbestos. With our innovative Concealed Fastening range, in some cases it is possible to lay a new Metrotile roof straight over your existing one, saving time and money.

  • Hail Resistant - Highest possible impact rating

  • Earthquake Resistant

  • Hurricane Resistant up to 190 km/h

  • Added safety of a lightweight roof

  • Suitable for Marine Environments

  • Highest Possible, Class A Fire Rating

  • Snow and Freeze/Thaw resistant

  • Resistant to the harshest sunlight


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