Combining a stylish trend with the strength of steel


  • Brilliance Black
  • Brilliance Charcoal
  • Matt Black
  • Matt Charcoal
  • Matt Terracotta

The horizontal and the triple lateral closure ensure that this extremely stylish roof tile element withstands the most extreme weather conditions.

Product specifications

Overall Length
1305 mm
Length of cover
1260 mm
Width of cover
321 mm
Roof cover /Tile
0.405 m2
Tiles /m2
Weight /Tile
2.10 kg
Maximum roof pitch
90 degrees
Minimum roof pitch
15 degrees

Technical documents

  • Qube Brochure
    • pdf
  • Qube Specification Sheet
    • pdf
  • Qube Specification Sheet ACO
    • pdf
  • Qube Eave Apron
  • Qube Box Barge Cover
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