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University of Hasselt signs collaborative agreement with Metrotile 2014.02.27

The University of Hasselt has signed an agreement with Metrotile. The collaboration will cover six domains – from developing innovative products to the approach to the waste disposal problem. ...

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New!! 'PLUS', the sound proof metal roof! 2013.07.25

Metrotile introduces a new generation 'soundproof' metal roof panels, named 'PLUS'. ...

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Partner tool soon available! 2012.05.23

Partner tool soon available! ...

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Metrotile launches new product: Lay 35 roof tiles in one go without clipping or cutting! 2012.02.23

Universally metallic roofing tile sheet of 1 m² or 35 tiles that can be instantly laid in just a single movement. Every Aquapan sheet contains 5 tiles in the width and 7 tiles in the height. It fits into any roof and the tiles can be overlapped with each other in height as well as ...

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Metrotile Europe gets award for fastest-growing company in the Metal industry from Belgium 2012.02.14

On Wednesday 1 February Metrotile Europe achieved the award for the 'Metaal Industrie Gazellen', fastest growing company of the metal industry of Belgium ...

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