Date: 01 Feb 2024

Do you crave the assurance of tranquil repose within your dwelling amidst stormy forecasts? Embrace the fortitude of the storm-proof Metrotile roof!

Conventional roof tiles like ceramic or concrete ones tether their fate to vertical fixation and the gravitational force on the tile, rendering them susceptible to the might of vigorous winds. Conversely, the lightweight corrosion-resistant Metrotile roof constructed from durable steel extends an unparalleled shield to your abode, courtesy of its distinctive fastening technology.

Metrotile employs special horizontal fastening technique that secures each roof element at eight different points

The plates affix to the roof battens using screws or nails, effectively mitigating the impact of wind shear. In our rigorous hurricane simulation, featuring a purpose-built Metrotile roof subjected to winds of 190 km/h via aircraft turbines, the roof elements withstood the test admirably. Introducing water into the experiment failed to breach the roof even under these formidable wind conditions, demonstrating its resilience and passing the hurricane trial with a dry triumph. With a wealth of experiences attesting to the efficacy of the 8-point-fixing technique, Metrotile roofs have valiantly defended storm-battered homes globally from winds of even greater ferocity.

How does stormproof roof installation work?

The relentless onslaught of tornadoes and cyclones has been the proving ground for the revolutionary horizontal fastening and interlocking Metrotile roof systems. The dynamics of high winds sweeping over a roof generate a substantial pressure disparity between its interior and exterior, precipitating a "wind uplift" force perpendicular to the roof's plane. This uplift stands as the primary catalyst for the failure of roofs with vertical fastening, where the fastener is prone to a simple extraction. In the case of Metrotile roofs, the fasteners must shear off for the roof to fail, an improbable scenario given the presence of eight or more fasteners securely anchoring each tile. The enduring fixture employed in Metrotile roofing further ensures that tiles cannot be easily dislodged, preventing unwarranted access through the roof space of a home or building.