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In the competitive roofing market, you want roofing products that will stand out from the crowd. Metrotile can help.

Customers are looking for better options, many homes are facing leaking roofs and damage from age, hail, high winds, fires and other natural disasters caused by extreme climate conditions.  Consumers who grow impatient with household products with a few years product life needing replacement too soon demand long-term solutions and sustainability in the construction industry as well. They want to know what’s in the products that make up their home and where they come from.

Home owners are looking for roofing systems that are more energy efficient, durable, and easier and faster to install. Having the best product can set you apart. Metrotile can not only win you more jobs, but can make you more profit on each one.

The METROTILE Advantages: 

At IKO Metals Europe we probably offer the best products on the market and exceptional real-world training. We will equip you with the knowledge needed to educate customers. You’ll receive our exclusive, practical onsite installation training, backed up by year round on-call support.

We are roofers too, who have over 60+ years of roofing experience so we know what it takes to install a roof. When we are designing our products, the ease of installation is a key focus.

It’s easy to switch from any roofing material to stone-coated steel, and our range of Metrotile profiles and colors meet the demand for the traditional or modern look that homeowners love. So, if you’re in the roofing industry and are looking to switch or diversify to a high performance roofing system that provides a better value to homeowners, and more benefits to contractors, get in touch.

Due to their material strength, lightweight, interlocking design and 8-point-horizontal fastening Metrotile panels are made to stand up to:

  • Withstand fierce high winds (in some cases Metrotile protected properties and lives from hurricanes)
  • Extreme large hail resistance
  • Excellent fire protection
  • Lightweight reducing seismic mass and improving performance in earthquakes
  • Prevent ice damming issues
  • Hot and cold environments

40 year warranty

So the homeowner has peace of mind and you know you have Metrotile behind you.

Global reputation for strength and quality

Metrotile is not a local hero but a global market leader. Our roofs have withstood the challenges this planet can offer. There is a reason, that

Metrotile roofs are installed in more than 80 countries around the world.

From the extreme winters of Russia, through the hurricanes in the USA and earthquakes of New Zealand, to the intense heat of Africa, Metrotile has proven itself over the world. We believe it can cope with the weather wherever you live.

Tested to meet and exceed building codes

Our roof products exceed every common benchmark for strength and durability. In fact, our roofs are hail and wind resistant and will never warp or rust like other materials. Even in an area prone to severe weather events like hail or cyclones our roofs will stand the test of time.

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Installation benefits that deliver value for your business

Made by roofers for roofers. 

We are roofers too, who have over 60 years of roofing experience so we know what it takes to install a roof. When we are designing our products, the ease of installation is a key focus. The panels are installed in a simple cut, nail or screw and interlock system which means less skilled labor is required to install them, and less labor is needed overall.

Cost effective delivery

It is a modular, lightweight system, which often enables an entire roof for an average sized family house to be delivered on one pallet, saves space on site and reduces delivery costs.

Faster installation

Metrotile profiles are installed as larger panels instead of small individual tiles, making the process faster.

Made from highest quality materials 

We only use the highest quality materials and follow an extensive Quality Assurance process to ensure that only the very best make it into our Metrotile products. From our quality stone for our textured coatings to our highly regarded steel.

The steel is coated with aluminium-zinc, combining the corrosion protection of aluminium with the sacrificial protection of zinc to create an alloy that's ideal for roofing and with a service life that can far exceed galvanised metal products or even traditional clay and concrete roof tiles not to mention low quality shingles.

Our ISO9001 and ISO140001 manufacturing facility, upholds the highest standards from product sourcing, through manufacturing to delivery of materials.

Environmental Benefits


Made from the most recycled building material in the world, steel. Steel is infinitely recyclable so unlike other roofing products it will continue to be reused over and over again. Also given that a roof can be supplied on 1 or 2 pallets, a Metrotile roof has a low carbon footprint.

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Best thermal performance and energy efficiency

Metrotile roofs are known as “cool roofs”. This means they have the ability to cut building owners’ energy costs because they reduce the need for air conditioning.

Metrotile roofing products are designed to be elevated from the roof deck which creates a natural air flow referred to as “Above Sheathing Ventilation”(ASV). This ventilation prevents heat gain in summer. In addition to proper attic insulation, this can help lower electric costs associated with cooling.

The combination between our steel panels and ASV have seen customers achieve 30% reductions in the cooling energy bills in summer.

Profiles and colors perfectly suited to Europe

We offer a range of 10 successful profiles that have been inspired by the roofs that shaped the heritage of European architecture from the Mediterranean tiles, through the shakes of the mountains and the countryside to classic and modern profiles from urban areas. With our range of colours you can be sure there is a product you need to deliver the perfect look. 

We’re a business that operate on a personal level, building strong, long-term relationships with our roofing distributors and contractors. Our strong ethics underpin everything we do and position us as a trusted roof maker that will stand by our products for decades to come. We’re proud to have a great team of passionate people involved in the business and look forward to meeting your team.

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