Metrotile MistralA typical European roof with timeless effect

The Mistral profile is designed to get the same appearance of the traditional European roof style, with the additional benefits of steel roofing. Because of the downturned front and the upturned rear edges, the panels have a strong overlapping and interlocking tile covering, which provides an excellent durability, protection and resistance to wind lift or other extreme weather conditions.

The Mistral is a seven tile, stone-coated panel pressed from a high grade coated steel and is available in a wide selection of colours to enhance any exterior colour scheme.


Minimum pitch 10° 2/12
Maximum pitch 90° vertical
Size - overall* 1305 x 415 mm 51.38" x 16.34"
Size - cover* 1240 x 367 mm 48.82" x 14.45"
Steel thickness** 0,41 mm 26 gauge
Width of cover / Batten space 367 mm 14.45"
Tiles per m² * 2,18 pcs/m² 20.24 pc/square
Roof cover* 0,459 m² 4.94 ft²
Weight per panel* 3,00 kg 6.64 lb

* The measurements and the weight may vary slightly by the finish that is added to the panel.
**  Nominal steel thickness according to EN 10346.




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