Metrotile GalloGiving your home the villa look it deserves

The Gallo profile gives with its soft, Mediterranean curves an stylish, upper-class look to your home, with the additional benefits of steel roofing.  Because of the downturned front and the upturned rear edges, the panels have a strong overlapping and interlocking tile covering, which provides an excellent durability, protection and resistance to wind lift or other extreme weather conditions.

The Gallo is an eight tile, stone-coated panel pressed from a high grade of anti-rust coated steel and is available in a wide selection of colours to enhance any exterior colour scheme.


Minimum pitch 10° 2/12
Maximum pitch 90° vertical
Size - overall* 1320 x 420 mm 51.97" x 16.51"
Size - cover* 1190 x 368 mm 46.85" x 14.49"
Steel thickness** 0,41 mm 26 gauge
Width of cover / Batten space 368 mm 14.49"
Tiles per m² * 2,28 pcs/m² 21.23 pc/square
Roof cover* 0,438 m² 4.71 ft²
Weight per panel* 3,01 kg 6.64 lb

* The measurements and the weight may vary slightly by the finish that is added to the panel.
** Nominal steel thickness according to EN 10346.




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