Metrotile Europe offers a full line of residential roofing solutions to reflect the styles of traditional roof products. Metrotile can be used in a wide variety of applications for new-build or renovation. Our products are suitable for homes, offices, retail stores, schools, leisure facilities, hospitals,...

Metrotile Bond Bond

The Bond profile is designed to get the same appearance of the traditional clay roof style, with the additional benefits...

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Metrotile Roman Roman

The Roman tiles have been designed to imitate the look of traditional natural clay roof tiles to give your home an...

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Metrotile Classic Classic

The Classic steel tiles with their well-defined angular profile are one of the most popular products in our range. Their...

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Metrotile Shake Shake

The  Shake tiles have all the features of traditional wooden shakes, but without the problems of splitting, warping or...

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Metrotile Woodshake Woodshake

The Woodshake tiles are a perfect imitation of traditional wooden shakes. They have a natural, rustic look with lots of...

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Metrotile Shingle Shingle

The Shingle coated steel tiles imitate the look of traditional flat asphalt shingles, but in lightweight, low-maintenance,...

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Metrotile Viksen Viksen

The inspiration for the Viksen is to be found in the uniqueness of the ancient Viking architectural style. Used in...

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Metrotile Mistral Mistral

The Mistral  profile is designed to get the same appearance of the traditional European roof style, with the additional...

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Metrotile Romana Romana

The Romana  profile is designed to get the same appearance from traditions of centuries of Mediterranean architecture, with...

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Metrotile Gallo Gallo

The  Gallo profile gives with its soft, Mediterranean curves an stylish, upper-class look to your home, with the additional...

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Metrotile iPanel iPanel

iPanel offers an excellent aesthetic and protective solution. This unique profile is a wonderful complement to both bungalow...

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Metrotile iSlate iSlate

With its finely detailed surface and vertical grooves, iSlate emulates the look of natural slate without the heavy weight...

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Metrotile iShingle iShingle

Beauty is not the only benefit of the iShingle these interlocking steel shingles are fire, hail and wind resistant....

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Metrotile iShake iShake

iShake is pressed from the finest corrosion resistant steel.  These shingles will protect your home from fire, wind and hail...

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If you wish to learn more about Metrotile products or about their local availability, please use the online contact form in our website.

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