Metrotile ViksenThe chaotic structure of hand-split wooden shingles

The inspiration for the Viksen is to be found in the uniqueness of the ancient Viking architectural style. Used in building construction, their homes and other edifices were built entirely from wood, onto which small roof shingles were then applied extensively.

The hand-split wood pattern is smaller than the wood pattern of the actual Shake profile, thus imparting an individual and rustic character to each building.


Minimum pitch 10° 2/12
Maximum pitch 90° vertical
Size - overall* 1340 x 410 mm 52.76" x 16.14"
Size - cover* 1260 x 368 mm 49.61" x 14.49"
Steek thickness** 0,41 mm 26 gauge
Width of cover / Batten space 368 mm 14.49"
Tiles per m² * 2,16 pcs/m² 20.02 pc/square
Roof cover* 0,464 m² 5.994 ft²
Weight per panel* 3,00 kg 6.64 lb

* The measurements and the weight may vary slightly by the finish that is added to the panel.
** Nominal steel thickness according to EN 10346.




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