Metrotile ShingleThe unique alternative to traditional shingle and slate

The Shingle coated steel tiles imitate the look of traditional flat asphalt shingles, but in lightweight, low-maintenance, long-life steel. They are available in different subtle duotone shades. These tiles are designed for use on roofs as well as vertical walls.

It is now possible to achieve a distinctive look without all the problems inherent in traditional asphalt shingles such as delaminating, lifting and general UV damage.


Minimum pitch 16° 3.5/12
Maximum pitch 90° vertical
Size - overall* 1335 x 290 mm 52.56" x 11.42"
Size - cover* 1240 x 252 mm 48.82" x 9.92"
Steel thickness** 0,41 mm 26 gauge
Width of cover 252 mm 9.92"
Tiles per m² * 3,21 pcs/m² 29.85 pc/square
Roof cover* 0,311 m² 3.35 ft²
Weight per panel* 2,00 kg 6.64 lb

* The measurements and the weight may vary slightly by the finish that is added to the panel.
**  Nominal steel thickness according to EN 10346.

Powder colours available on request


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