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Company Metrotile Czechoslovakia ( was set up in 2006 as a subsidiary of Belgian company Metrotile Europe, N.V. to operate on the territory of Slovakia and Czech. There is an increasing interest in this roofing material on the Czech market – a mountainous country with a strong demand for lightweight and at the same time aesthetic roofing. In order to be closer to our clients Metrotile Czechoslovakia decided to open Metrotile.Cz ( – subsidiary office in Ostrava, Czech Republic in May 2007.

Classic terra-cotta tiles and wooden shake tiles had always been traditional roofing materials in the territory of Slovakia and Bohemia. For the last 100 years zinc-coated steel roofing has become frequently used, too. Each of the above mentioned roofing materials has its big disadvantage: traditional tiles – high weight, wooden shake – tendency to rotting, galvanized sheet metal – difficult and insufficient installation, tendency towards corrosion. Metrotile and its steel roofing system provide a unique answer to these disadvantages.

Metrotile Bond (MetroŠkridla)

As terra-cotta tiles as a traditional material have covered our roofs for centuries, architects, investors and builders acclaim the new generation roofing material. From the perspective of complying with the traditional architecture and authentic look MetroBond in comparison to large-size sheet metal roofing is certainly the closest alternative. It has achieved success not only for its authentic look but first of all for its light weight which is significantly lower than the weight of traditional terra-cotta tiles. Company Metrotile also managed to eliminate the tendency towards corrosion – the only negative property of steel – namely by using alu-zinc as the first protection layer and exceptional high-quality acrylic paint in the next layers.

Metrotile Shake I (MetroŠindel)

Slovak and Czech market appreciate that this roofing material is an inspiration and alternative for those who do not wish to do a time- and cost-consuming maintenance of traditional wooden shake tiles. MetroShake is the closest to the original because of its plasticity which has also been confirmed by installations on many preserved historical properties protected by law.

Metrotile Roman

Creation of the next aesthetic look of roofing material with stone granules demonstrates the unique workability of flat sheet. MetroRoman evokes pleasantly warm atmosphere of the Mediterranean. The design of lightweight steel roofing provides further possibilities for architects to put the finishing touches and amplify the style of roof according to owner’s taste.

There are further possibilities and opportunities – products of Metrotile Europe, which are planned to be introduced on the Slovak and Czech market in the near future. MetroShingle for complicated roofs, MetroShake II and MetroClassic for expansion of aesthetical possibilities for architects or final customers.

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