How we see the future...

Our objectives are to deliver the very best quality in everything we do, from primary produce, choice and screening of suppliers, composition of the paint, planning, to efficiency in logistics, packaging and transport. 

Our operations and collaboration with our business partners gives us greater opportunities to be efficient and strategic and to function well as an organisation, both when it comes to the distribution chain and to concentrating on joint product launches and campaigns.

Our business is characterised by an open and informal culture, and by short lines between sales and production. This way of operating is what brings our mission and values to life:

Our vision

To be a leading manufacturer and supplier of metal roofing products in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East to building companies, roofers, architects and their customers.

Our mission

by developing high-quality products for our business partners and their customers, to make a valuable contribution to the houses or building projects worldwide and indirectly to the wellbeing of people in general.


These are the shared values, principles and behaviour that we follow in providing high quality products and services worldwide.

A family affair

The culture of Metrotile Europe is unique and has been one of the key reasons behind the success of the company. Every business partner or distributor becomes part of the Metrotile 'family'. We put our business partners first in everything we do.

Passion for business

The passion of our employees, business partners, distributors,... to become number one in our segment worldwide.

Win-win situations

We are focused on ensuring that we provide great value products for our business partners every day. We effectively collaborate, always looking for more efficient ways to serve our markets even better.

Flexibility, speed and agility

We are resourceful, adaptable and achieve results faster than our competitors.

Where environment matters

Metrotile Europe has an extensive programme of environmental initiatives, which we feel are improving our environment.


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